D’oro Della Vita means “The Golden Life” in Italian! This is a motivational blog that was created by blogger King Braswell to help motivate and inspire people to live life to the fullest.

Our Mission - To motivate people by posting positive content that will empower people to reach there full potential in life.


A Brief History

King Braswell has been blogging for over ten years on his personal blogs, as a guest blogger, and on a number of different sites. When he first started blogging it was for the intent on making an income from home, until he realized that it was actually fun and a great way to meet new people. “I have made some great friends from blogging over the years” said Braswell. As the Years past and life happened, he was not able to focus on his blogs, so this lead him to abandon most of his projects and start over again. After a few years of not blogging, he returned with a lifestyle blog that covered a broad range of subjects. There was one subject that he began to focus on due to great responses, and that was motivation.

People started telling him about how much his motivational posts helped them, so he began to make motivational posts his primary subject. He noticed that people on social media and his fellow bloggers were dealing with anxiety and depression issues, something that he has dealt with in the past. He started to share his experiences about these subjects and received great responses from his posts. He has a special way of dealing with anxiety issues, so he decided to share some of his advice with his followers.

While working on his blog, he also started a clothing line called D’oro Della Vita, which means the golden life in Italian. One day he was thinking about making changes to his blog and going into the motivational direction exclusively, a light bulb in his head came on. His DDV brand stands for the very same values that he was blogging about, so he decided to combine the two and make DDV his blog and clothing line. Now! Not only can he blog about what he feels that is important, he can also market his clothing with the blog. Welcome to the D’oro Della Vita Life!