Don't Let Your Emotions Control You!

This is my first post in months, and at first I wanted to discuss something spiritual, but after having conversations with different people about relationships I decided to go with this subject. I can't begin to tell you how many times that I've heard people say... Just follow your heart, but I love him or her, and/or no one makes me feel like he or she does. Do you want to know what I say when giving advice about relationships? I say screw how you feel, you better go with what makes sense.

It is so easy to fall for someone who is intelligent, nice, and who looks and smells good to you. They just make your heart melt every time that they speak to you. So he sends you roses to your job and all of your co workers are telling you that they wish they had a man like that. How about the woman that has your favorite meal ready when you get home from work? The guy that you can tell anything to, the woman that makes you feel like she has your back, the..... well you get the point. All of that is fine and dandy. You can feel all that you want, but.....

  • How is their credit?

  • How do they act in the public?

  • How man kids do they have?

  • How many baby daddy's and baby mama's

  • Are they Jealous

  • What are their Goals

  • Does there goals line up with yours

  • Do they believe in God

  • Do they drink or smoke

  • How much do they drink and smoke

These are just some of the things that make me forget about how good they make me feel, but make me focus how good my future will be with them. We get so caught up in that feelings bull that we forget about whats most important. Most grown folks I know want.... stability, a house, few cars, kids, vacations, money, nice clothes, good wine, and a few Cuban cigars. Well its want I want but I think that you get what I'm saying. How you gonna get that by feeling good with someone who doesn't care about there credit score, that acts crazy as hell in the public, got 10 kids by 20 different people (I'm Exaggerating but you do get the point), are full of jealousy, and doesn't have any goals in life.

I've seen women pass up on some great guys because they were so-called lame or nerdy. I've seen men pass up on great women because they didn't resemble the girl at the strip club. Everybody seems to want something that just makes them feel good from what they see, or from some twisted fantasy  by someone who doesn't have your best interest at heart. There is nothing wrong with feeling good, but you better make sure that you are feeling good with someone who has there stuff together. This doesn't mean that people will not have any flaws or struggles, but you better make sure that those flaws will mesh good with yours. Don't be lead by your emotions, but by using that brain of yours, you know whats good for you. How many of you have been with someone for years but havn't grown together, or have accomplished much in life and you knew that they were trouble but you felt good when you met them??? I'm waiting!!!!