God = Peace and Blessings /Devil = Anxiety and Destruction

How many times have you felt like you were doomed, there's always something, and/or that you will never reach your potential in life? I can tell you that I have time and time again, but I have gotten better over time. Its seems life is just one messed up situation after another, and when you come out of one thing you are headed to another. Well! This is actually pretty true when you think about it, its always some ish going on. 

One day I was thinking about my life and how it seems like I can never reach my goals. It just seemed like every time that I was almost there some Bull$h** happened (I'm trying to stop cursing so Ill spell my bad words like that). I was like my GOD there has to be more than life that this. When is it going to be my time? When am I going to make it? GOD spoke back and said "You have already made it". I was like hold on now, let me really think about what GOD is telling me. So I really cleared my mind of all of the negative things that has happened and focused on the good. So check the list.

  • I have my Health

  • I have 3 vehicles

  • I have 2 jobs

  • I have a nice Woman

  • I have a decent place to stay

  • My Fridge is full of food

  • I have a decent amount of clothes

  • I have my Life

Ok, so now within this list are my blessings, and within these blessings is everything I need. So I had to ask myself, "What the hell is it that I need"? There is absolutely nothing for me to complain about, and I had to check myself. Now I started to look at the negative thoughts and where they were coming from. God has blessed me with more than enough, but these bad thoughts keep coming up. The negative thoughts come from the same list. Check this out...

  • What if my Health Fails

  • What If my cars stops working

  • What if I lost my jobs

  • What if my woman leaves me

  • What if I can't pay my rent

  • How will I eat

  • How will I afford clothing

  • What if I die

You see how God has given us what we need and we allow those little nasty what ifs to creep up. Those what ifs come from the devil, and that devil is feeling us up with anxiety. GOD = Blessings, Devil = Anxiety. Does this makes sense? God will bless those who seek him, those seeking GOD does not have to worry because God commands us to trust him. God cannot lie, he has to take care of his followers. The Devil can't stop a dam thing, but he can influence you to worry with those sick thoughts. He has you worrying about the what if's of the things that GOD gave you. Why would GOD give you something as a blessing, for you to just worry about how are you going to keep it, its a slap in the face to him. Most what ifs don't happen, and if one does slip through GOD will deal with it.

From this day forward start counting your blessings, thank GOD for them, and trust GOD with them. GOD is our creator and wants the best for us, TRUST HIM AND ONLY HIM AND LET HIS MEDICINE WORK. I hoped that this helped some! GOD bless and I Love Yall!