4 Reasons Why You Should Never Get Depressed

Depression is all to real and there are too many people that are plagued by it, and I am tired of seeing people being robbed by it. It steals your joy and prevents you from enjoying life, so I am about to tell you 4 reasons why you should not be depressed. I don’t mean to sound insensitive to this very serious matter, but I think that you could do better than pop some pills which is not curing, its actually camouflaging the problem. When something (the devil) attacks my mental health I fight right back.

  1. God doesn’t want you to be - This reason is enough although it is easier said than done. God did not make us to be laying around the house feeling bad and withering away. We were made to be full of joy and happiness, and this is what we should be until we are dead and gone. I even plan on being happy dead because I plan on going to Heaven.

  2. Nothing is that serious - IDGAF what is going on in your life, you should not get depressed over anybody or anything. Embrace whatever that it is that you are going through because life is suppose to change. Nothing stays the same so take what you can from the past and keep it moving.

  3. We are all going to die - This might not be comforting but its very true and inevitable. You cannot take all of these problems to the grave with you, so it does not matter what that problem is. You can be diagnosed with a disease that you never saw coming, but that disease disappears once you take that last breath. You can loose a love one, but that love one cannot go the grave with you.

  4. It does no Good - Being depressed does absolutey no good for the situation that you are depressed over. You cannot change a situation lying in bed, binge eating, not eating enough, and/or all of the above.

If depression were to change things for the better then I say be depressed all day every day, but it is the total opposite. There is no room for this horrible play on the mind or the anxiety that leads to it, so you better learn to lean on the Lord’s shoulders, put on your big guy/girl draws, and keep it moving. You are dying a slow death and allowing the devil to literally rob you of your life. This is not what life is about so stand up and fight this battle as if your life depended on it… and it actually does. You can do more than pop pills, you can win this battle between you, your mind, and the demons that are trying to keep you down. Remember, If you need someone to talk to, subscribe to my newsletter and shoot me an email. Click here to subscribe!

MotivationKing Braswell