1 way to Make Your Relationships Work!

Do you find yourself going in and out of different relationships? Do you get all excited about meeting the new guy/gal only to be upset or heartbroken in just a few months? Have you given up on relationships and lowered your standards to just having a sex buddy? Do you think that everybody is just full of it, and relationships are not for you? If you have answered yes to any of the previous questions, I believe that I have the answer for you.

It is so very easy to point the finger at the next person and hold yourself to being almost perfect when things don’t go right. There is one thing that we tend to forget when we are in relationships, and that’s the fact the other person is looking at us. You are looking at them and they are looking at you, but the question is….. Are You Looking At You? You do know that you are aggravating, selfish, and nagging right. You do know that you can be a very controlling and unbearable at times right? I know that I can be and it was a hard pill to swallow, God knows that it was. I use to be sooooo stubborn and controlling, but I ignored it because I was such a faithful, generous, and hardworking man. I put myself on a pedestal but I had to evaluate myself when like the 10th girl left me lol. The 1 way to make sure that your relationships work is to “Look at YOU”, its really that simple. If you look at you and they look at them, there shouldn’t be a reason that the relationship won’t work. If for some reason it does not work after this, the breakup will be respectable. You can go your separate ways without losing respect for each other. Really think about it! God Bless Ya!

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