Start Enjoying Life?

As this year comes to an end, I have been reflecting on the mistakes I made so that I may prevent myself from repeating the same problems I’ve had this year. I came to realization that some of the things that I stressed about, well all of the things that I stressed about were foolish. Many of the things were out of my control, and the things that were in my control could have been fixed by me. So instead of waiting on 1-1-19 I decided to make changes immediately, and so far I am on the right path to enjoying my life. Here are 5 things that I have done to start doing just that…

GOD has gotten more time from me! Every breathe, every dime, and all things good and bad are allowed by GOD, so why not give him more time. It starts with him and in him are all things, so before you start and end your days l suggest you spend some time from GOD. He has renewed my mind and he the reason that we have life.

I stopped worrying and accepted that what will be will be. We have no control over most things that happens to us, so I learned to roll with the punches. What ever happens happens, and I am good with that as long as I have done the very best I could. No sense of laying around whining and crying about something that has happened.

I Set Goals for myself and that’s working wonders! It is so easy to complain about what you don’t have and all of the woes of your life, but you are guaranteed to fail if you don’t set goals and/or have some type of plan or guidelines on how to reach them. If you don't set goals your are just living day to day letting the chips fall, and then here you go complaining about why something didn't work out. Sit down and come up with your goals, and then develop a plan on how to reach them. You will see the difference in your life and if things don’t work out like you planned, it wasn’t apart of GOD’s will.

I am getting Healthy! If you are a normal human being such as myself, that means that you only have one body and one earthly life to live. If we do not take care of this one body that we have, then there is no need to be concerned about anything because you will be soon pushing up daisies (DEAD). I have changed my eating happens and gotten my ass back in the gym and I feel amazing. Leave all of that greasy, fat, and fried food alone and pick up some fruit and veggies. Get in the gym and hit the treadmill for 30 mins and pick up some weights, and please don’t have time. When you look and feel good you will be motivated to do better in all areas of life.

I support people who support me! I know who has my back offline and online, so these are the people that I support and communicate with. There is absolutely no sense in trying to force friendships or relationships on people who dgaf about you. Love on the people that love on you, and you will see a great return you your investment.

Life is to short people and there is no time to waste on foolishness, so let’s start living the best life that we can. These are five things that I have done to help me enjoy my life, and I would love for you to share your 2019 plans with me on how you are going to make this happen. Feel free to comment or to share with me through my email, Lets live The Golden Life!

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