Don't Let Death Be the Thing That Brings You Together!

A few weeks ago I had the unfortunate pleasure of being a Paul Bearer at one of my favorite uncles funeral. He was one of 4 close family members that has died in the previous 10 years, and this one really made me think seriously about life. I had plans on leaving after the burial and heading back home, until one of my cousins asked me to come back to the church to eat. I was like “uhhhhh I really don’t feel like it but ok”, so I headed back to the church. I don’t deal with a lot of family members but I bowed down to my cousin because she is the sister I never had.

I got back to the church and seen some of my other cousins who I hadn't seen in a while and we sat and talked. It was actually kind of refreshing to catch up with them because it had been so long. So I was about to leave the church and head to my parents house to see them before I headed back to Atlanta, when one of my cousins said that they wanted to meet up later. I told her to hit me up and let me know because I wasn’t going to be in town much longer. I went to my parents house and mom wasn’t home yet, so I decided to ride over one of my cousins houses (the one who’s like a sister and her father) to hang with them until my mom got home. She said that Tip (another cousin) is about come pick me up to go and have drinks, do you want to ride with us? I said yeah Ill have a few drinks with yall.

So I hop in the car with two of my cousins who I loved to be around when we were just kids, and it felt so good to be amongst them. We got to the bar and a few of our other cousins were there, long story short…. we got drunk and had a ball. I have not been in the same room with all of them at the same time since my childhood. Now all of us are in our mid to late thirties because of a funeral, isn’t that something. As I was sitting there on my 5th drink, a thought really hit me, we are the same age that our parents were when they were having family gatherings.

“Yall know that we are going to continue to lose our uncles and aunts, and eventually our mothers and fathers right” asked me? I told them that we are the next in line to pull things together, our elders are dying off and we need to keep things going. Me and my cousins have never sat down at the same table at the same time while being adults, so I told them that we have to step up because we are going to be all we got one day. Nobody at the table has been married but me and one more, so the majority of them had no family in there homes.

Everybody got silent for a minute before they started to agree with my words! We made a promise that day to start meeting up and calling and checking on each other more. Sometimes we let life get in the way and forget about the important things. We go home and close our doors only to worry about job, bills, and what we are going to eat. All of this is fine until you get that phone call that one of your love ones has passed on. We gotta love on our family members guys, not all of them because not all act life family, but the ones that are dear to you, reach out to them. You don’t have to be in each others faces to communicate, just pick up the phone and call each other sometimes. Don’t let death be the thing that brings you together, let life be the thing that bonds you. Whey they gone… they gone! I’m trying to live D’oro Della Vita (The Golden Life)!