Help Others Through Your Pain

Life can be very tough, cruel, and sometimes seems unbearable, but most of the time we pull through just fine. Things happen to us and we wonder…God why me? I treat people pretty good, I go to work every day, but life treats me so bad is how we feel. When we are going through a crisis in our lives were always questioning ourselves and our higher power. There are many reasons God allows us to go through storms and most are for all own good. Today I want to talk about one of those reasons why he allows us to be attacked, and that’s so that we can teach others how to get the same healing and understanding that we have.

Life is not all about us you know, at least I hope you know. God will put you to the test knowing that you are strong enough to come out of it, and share your experiences with someone else going through similar things. Your act of faith to keep going on has the power to save someone else’s life, or help lead them to a place of peace. I remember making my transition from the city that I was raised in to where I am now. It was very hard and painful to make this move, and some days I felt like I wouldn't make it but I did. Years later a good friend of mines had to make the same transition, and I had to coach him through it because it was about to destroy him.

Our life’s purpose is for the benefit of GOD, and when we allow him to work through us we will understand why we go through what we do.. The next time that you feel like life is kicking your butt, embrace that pain and I guarantee you that GOD will show you why you are going through it. He loves to work through us as we are his vessels so relax and let him do his thing. Pray and ask GOD to show why you are going through the things that you are going through, helping someone else will be one of the reasons one day. Learn to share your experiences… even when you are going through them.

Peace and Blessings.

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